Having a great playlist for your wedding celebration to entertain your guests will certainly make your wedding a memorable experience. There are many wedding friendly songs that include a great mix of indie pop tunes that will allow you and all guests to have a great night of singing and dancing. Friends and family will love dancing the night away. Indie jams will inspire you and your guests to show off your dance moves.

5. Houdini

This song is by the American indie pop band Foster the People. It was written by Mark Foster and first released in April 2011. The music video can be viewed on YouTube. The video holds the Grammy Award for Best Music Video. This song is available for online digital downloads. Its gene includes Indie pop, alternative dance, synthpop. The song was produced by both Rich Costey and Mark Foster. It is an excellent song for entertaining guests at wedding celebrations.

4. Tongue Tied

This song is by the American indie rock band Grouplove. On the Billboard Hot 100 the song reached number 42. It was released in 2011. It was produced by Ryan Rabin. Its genre includes Indie pop, synthpop, alternative dance. This song was written by the collective members of Grouplove. Ir was recorded at Captain Cuts Studios in Los Angeles, California. This song is favored at wedding celebrations.


3. Boom Clap

Was released in 2014. This song’s artist is Haim and the song can be found on the album Days Gone By. The genre of this song includes Alternative/Indie and Rock. It is available online for digital download. In the United States the song reached number 25 on the Hot Rock Songs Billboard. This song has delivered many happy smiles and dances at wedding celebrations.

2. Stuck On You

This song can be found on the album The Bright Side and its genre includes Alternative, Indie pop and folk. This song’s artist is Meiko and it was released in 2012. The video can be viewed online on YouTube and the song is available for digital download. Meiko is an American singer and songwriter. This song has reached number 1 on the combined Japanese AirPlay Chart and number 1 on the International Chart in Japan.

1. Silver Lining

Silver Lining can be found on he album Stay Gold and the song was recorded by Swedish folk band First Aid Kit. The song reached number 22 on the US Adult Alternative Songs Billboard. The song writers are Klara Söderberg and Johanna Söderberg. It was released in 2014. The producer is Mike Mogis. Silver Lining’s genre includes Alternative Indie and Rock. This is a most popular song played at weddings and it is available for digital download online, mp3, and more. People love to sing along to the lyrics f the song as well. It is a very beautiful song that is liked by both the young and old.


You can create your own unique playlist of the best Indie Pop wedding songs to inspire your guest at your wedding celebration.