Music is one of the most popular entertainments in this world. Everyone listens to music, whether it be old or new. There is so many different genres’s and they all have huge fan bases. Indie pop music is included in those genres. Everyone enjoys the beats and the relaxing feelings they get when listening to this type. With that being said, here is a list of the top five indie pop albums from 2016.

5. Spilt Milk

The singer Pete Astor, in this band made the group because of the frustrations in the world. Mainly about his own life but sometimes about other things too. They have a sense of humor in the band and want to keep it that way so they can show people everything is not always so serious.

4. Adult Contemporaries

This is a band that you would listen to if you just got dumped or are lonely. They sing about heartbreak and how horrible it can be. It will bring out what you are really feeling. Laying on your bed listening to this will either make you sad or make you start feeling what you really should be feeling. The singers Christopher and Anton Hochheim are in the band with Kenny Gilmore.

3. Running out of Love

The band here is trying so hard to push their music out into the world. They want to be heard and such much more but need to find that break. You will fall in the love with the dreamy songs they play and enjoy the music in its self. The Radio Dept is the artist of this song and they are doing very well for themselves.

2. Ishkode! Ishkode!

One of the albums released by the band was the name of the band. They have lovely music and you will sure love just how much feelings you get from them. It is giddy and loveable. Jonathan Richman is the singer of this band and he loves the things he does.

1. Next Thing

The second album to be released was this one and she loves this one the most because of how much it means to her. It is well developed and shows how far she has come in the world of music. You will love the sound of her voice and the rhythm of the music. The music Frankie Cosmos sings is from his heart and he shows it in his lyrics.