Pop music has been in the world for a long while now. Many people have taken to it so that it can be a softer alternative to the hard rock and roll music. This genre of music was first debuted in the world by people from the western countries. Based on this there are very many artists currently in the world that have taken their passion in indulging in the genre named above. As a result there are always people that rate their music based on the love that people generally have for them. Using this the list below was made for the artists that were influential to many in the year 2016. Here is the list


Top of the list is none other but a person that is known as Drake. His full names are Aubrey Drake Graham. Drake hails from a country that is known as Canada. He was brought to this world back in the year 1986. The song that brought him to many people mouth is a song that is known as one dance. Though at the end of the year a song that he did with Rihanna called work was also a hit that topped most charts.



Next on the list is a female artists whose roots are from way down in the Caribbean countries one that is known as Barbados. The artist is well known by her parents as Robyn Rihanna. She first had her first breath of life in the year 1988. The song that made her famous in the year 2016 is one that she also featured the top artist Drake that was known as work.


Arianna GrandeĀ Arianna Grande

The female artists are the most that have taken most positions in the pop industry. The lady has her full names being Arianna Butera Grande. Born in the year 1993, the artist is one of the few that hail from the country called USA. On top of being an artist, she is also a song writer to most of the biggest names in the music industry. The song that made her famous was side to side



The name that most people know is Sia but her full names are Sia Kate Isobelle. The famous song artist on top of being an artist has also written many songs for most of the renowned people in the industry. She hails from a country that is known as Australia and was brought to the world in the year 1975. The song that made her fame increase in the year 2016 was none other but cheap thrills.



This is another female artist that has also been very popular in the music industry for a couple of years now. She hails from a country that is known as United Kingdom. Though many people tend to assume that she is a little bit old, she was born in the year 1988. On top of being a song artist, she also has written most hits that are out there in the market. The song that brought her to the lime light in the year 2016 was the song Hello.


Justin Bieber

This is one of those artists that was discovered from the internet platform. This young artist was born in the current day Canada back in the year 1994. The song that has made many come to hear about him in the year 2016 was one that was called Sorry. Though it was released in the year 2015 many came to actually hear about it in the early months of 2016.


Shawn Mendes

The youngest of all in this list is none other but one called Shawn Mendes. This artist like most in the list hails from the current day country known as Canada. He was born in the year 1998. Though he is young he is mature in the industry as he plays two roles a writer as well as an artist. The song that made most get to hear about him in the year 2016 was one that was called Treat you better.

Generally in the year 2016, the female artists dominated more than the male artists if the statistics above are anything to go by.