The Dog id Dead is a very popular pop band out of Nottingham which really made great music including the album ‘All our favorite stores’. This band is one of the most popular and the most listened to the band in most of the area. This makes it that the album, ‘All our favorite stories’ was one of the most anticipated albums there ever was. This album was released in 2012 and is still a very popular album even to date.

The album



The album cover is on 1970s college children who are walking on a pathway and are approaching a black hole. This song takes an inner route in explaining just how the whole event takes place. The images in this are inspired by the work of Valero Doval who is a great artist.

As the artists release this album there is a feeling that they are growing with every song released. There is the familiarity that comes in when they start doing their music and it can still be felt in the new album. Their music this town round may not be as groundbreaking as some people may have thought it would be but it really is entertaining and very nice.

There is a level of communication that a band needs to get so as to be able to communicate with the fans. From their latest debut, they have really shown this side of them and they seem to be building more of this relationship with their fans as time goes by.

The whole album has been worked around the incorporation of many eras and what is expected in such. The Dog id Dead has really taken time and energy to work on the music from the different times so as to kind of incorporate every fan and listener.

There is a lot there is about this band that one may not see on the layer. They are a deep band that takes time to understand and make good music.