This website is about the biggest fans of the indie pop music, indie pop bands. Information about biggest stars, music news, events, interviews, reviews and more from pop artists.

Mission and Vision

Our team’s mission is to produce arts that are in line with technology while observing the cultural standards of our audience. The mission will be enhanced by the group’s as well as individual’s attributes of culture and personality in which every member works within the team to enable each one to learn from the other.

The main vision and objective of the group are to provide our audience with tasteful feeling and diversity. The aims will be achievable through the active participation of all the members including the composers, performers, and the technical team.



The ‘Dog is Dead’ band is our main inspiring group. Actually, some of our members have performed in the group and have a vast experience in Indie Pop and would like to make the taste of music even better. As a group we have been a part of many concerts, events and different occasions. People hire us to bring a unique mood to their celebration and thus way they can give that best gift that their beloved deserves. As a team, we focus on improving the quality of the entire genre and ensure that this type of music is highly accepted by the majority of the audience.

History of Indie Pop Music

Indie pop music genre was developed as an alternative to the rock type of music in the mid-1980s in the United Kingdoms. Some notable characters who initiated the genre were The Smiths band and the Scottish Postcard Records Label. Indie Pop was inspired by the DIY ethic by Punk and its ideologies. Since then, other groups like the thriving fanzine, gig circuit, club, and label have generated the genre in a way that greatly differs from the Indie Rock. It has developed into a more melodic taste with fewer abrasions and anger-free.

Initially, the Indie Pop was criticized for self-consciousness that was seen in the John Peel’s records. Later engagements made the genre more attractive and relevant to the moods of the day through the initiation of the Pivotal Movement as an independent musical movement in the UK. Musicians have ever since composed songs that inspired the generations into arts like the CD86 Tracks.

The Pop Artists

There are various artists that have performed extremely well in the Indie Pop Music. Some of our group members have a wide range of skills and expertise that has been gained from previous participation in music like hip-hop, country, rock, and jazz while others are fresh in the music field. Some have worked with the Dog is Dead band and made a great and useful experience that can see our group into success. Through the group members, our site has recorded useful remarks and reviews that motivate the entire members into more participation as well as future development of Indie Pop genre as a whole. The members have continuously cited inspirations from artists like Robert Milton, Daniel Harvey, Joss Van Wilder, Robe White, and Lawrence Cole. The most appealing attribute of their music is the originality, an ideal characteristic that our group is actually aiming.

The characteristics of Indie pop music like a genre

Indie Pop is characterized by various pop conventions as well as structures with a melodic light sounds. The artists mainly use some typical rock instruments like the guitar, vocals, bass, and drums. However, there are some deviations in some music with the inclusion of pianos, electronics, strings, and eschewing guitars.

Over the years, Indie Pop has been controversial in that people could not perceive it as a real genre. These controversies have been attributed to factors such as some of the songs were performed by independent individuals and without a specific record label, no specified sound but with the inclusion of such as pop, rock, country, hip-hop, bluegrass, jazz, and other genres.

However, Indie Pop came to be an independent genre which is characterized by relatively low-budget groups on a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude. Although it has often been used by large corporate companies, the genre uses non-independent sounds, subjects, and emotions that appeal to the mainstream audiences. This means that the genre has never been completely autonomous. Today, Indie Pop balances accessibility with music authenticity, noise, and compatibility with the mainstream genres. It has been associated with compositions that react against the macho culture that saw fewer female artists. Therefore, there is an evidential balance in gender as well as cultural attributes in the music industry.

Our Indie Pop Team

Our team comprises of three main characters, although with the inclusion of several other non-active members. The three team members have been actively involved in the day to day progress of our site by participating in comments, improving the taste of music, and performing various compositions that are in line with the Indie Pop genre. These members are John Harry Mosh, Cornelius M. Vitash, and Lech Norvarich.


John Harry Mosh

John Harry Mosh is an England born artist who has traveled widely across the United States. He started as a performer in the ‘Go to Win’ melodies which involved country music by the Duncool music performers. Since the year 2011, Harry has been working with our team and has helped in composing and performing songs like the ‘Dual Entity’ and the Second Medal in the Paradise.’

Cornelius M. Vitash

Second on the list is Cornelius M. Vitash, who joined the group in the year 2013, being his first time in the field of music. He has ever since participated in the performance by involving himself in instrumentations and voice recordings. He has become one of the most reliable fellows through his advance knowledge in balancing the vocals and recording skills.


Lech Norvarich

The third active member is known as Lech Norvarich. She provides the group with her sweet and soft sounds in her performance, making the music feel softer and easy to understand. Besides, she is quite influential in making the website up-to-date by actively following the processes of within the site and updating all the members on the most recent activities.

The Anticipated Future of the Group

Our group focuses on the future development of Indie Pop into a level similar or close to the mainstream genres. This will be made possible by the inclusion of the most recent instrumentations, musical tastes, and technology. The team is currently trying to develop unique and appealing music sounds that are enhanced by the current technologies. It is with the help of the website and the availability of skilled personals like Lech Norvarich and Cornelius M. Vitash that the team has an advantage over the previous versions of Indie Pop. Although fewer challenges are noticed time after another, the group is determined to overcome any difficulties that may hinder the development while ensuring that the music is highly accepted.